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Monday, March 07, 2005

On a perishing cold day, through the crowds going to rugby at Twickenham (Northern Hemisphere vs Southern Hemisphere charity match for Tsunami aid – the Southern Hemisphere won), to the Orchid Festival in Kew Gardens (

Across the chilly lawns to a big, hot glasshouse stuffed with flowery abundance. Odd and artificial. But gorgeous. Inside, everyone goes warm and squishy, expanding in the heat, turning soft and velvety as petals, sozzled on the scent, smiling silent sorries as we step back to stare and bump bottoms.

So much pleasure. So many cameras out. We’ll all be living on this until the Spring comes.
Is that your reflection taking the picture? :-)
"everyone goes warm and squishy, expanding in the heat, turning soft and velvety as petals......" How beautifully written; you painted a word picture we can actually "see". Wish I had been there too.
Lorianne, yes it's my reflection -just for you! Everyone else was dancing about trying *not* to get themselves in the picture.

Kenju, thank you, I'm glad it made you want to be there.
Oh, what a wonderful picture! If I were in London now (won't be much longer) I'd be hopping on the bus and heading out to Kew. This morning. Before BuckStars, even. Thanks, Jean, and thanks for your kind words today, too...
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