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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
  Snowy mind

8 am: there’s a sprinkling of snow, already freezing over, and I’m catapulted forward into frail old age, taking tiny steps and afraid of falling. Tears of frustration. Ridiculous. It feels like so much of life: slow, effortful, frightened progress, while others seem to stride forward.

9 am: snow melted, along with self-pitying mood.

9.30 am: snow falling again.
This reminds me of the literaral & psychological ups & downs that Peter Matthiessen describes in *The Snow Leopard.* How fragile our minds are, vulnerable to even the slightest shift in our physical circumstances!
Aha - a 50ish South London female who lives with her cat: it could be me! My cat and I are a little to the west of you, I think, in Balham. Picked up your comments on Cassandra Pages and have followed you to your own site. Congratulations - I shall follow your blog progress with interest and, who knows, may one day take the plunge into blogdom myself.

Concur about slippery London pavements - they've just put the salt/grit down in Balham but prior to that walking was indeed scarey.
Hello, anonymous reader in Balham. Isn't the weather still vile! Do leave me your name or email if you come back - and tell me if you start a blog.
Jean, thank you for your welcome. (Hopefully my name will show up on this post ...).It's good to find a blogger based so near to home and with very similar interests.

The positive side of the total vileness of the weather today has been that I am SO grateful to return to the warmth and comfort of my flat, with its colours and plants and familiar objects - and the mugs of hot coffee. Hope you have managed to stay warm.
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